Single character portrait shot with no background on good quality
size (approx 8.5" x 11") drawing paper.
Single character, full or 3/4 figure with minimal background on good quality drawing paper.
A4- $90
Approximately 8.5" x 11"
Additional Figure: $45
Full Background: $45
A3- $160
Approximately 11" x 17" (Note: Price is negotiable for drawings featuring a team or group. Contact Benito.)
Additional Figure: $80
Full Background: $80
Contact Benito for details. Describe in the fullest detail what you would like him to color or paint for you.
Commission Details

All commissions are PREPAID, please. We accept PAYPAL, MONEY ORDERS or PERSONAL CHECKS.

To order or to simply ask a question, email Benito and he will get back to you, usually within 3 business days.
Do not send payment until Benito has confirmed that he will do the commission for you. Payment information will be provided once the commission has been accepted.

To order a commission, please use this contact form.

Due to the nature of commission work, we don't offer refunds on any payments involved with the commission process. We will make every effort to come to some sort compromise, but returning the money is not possible. By ordering a commission and placing a deposit, it is understood that you have agreed to these terms.

Please understand that commissions are finished as Benito's regular work schedule allows. Please allow at least 6 - 8 weeks for the completion of any commissioned art.

IMPORTANT: Commissions are drawn as "one of a kind works of art" for collectors. Art may not be mass produced or reproduced without the specific permission of the trademark owner.
The finished commission must not be used for commercial benefit. You may not sell prints of it, use it as a book illustration or cover, publish it, print it on merchandise or any other commercial form from which you would benefit.

Benito reserves the right to print or publish the commissioned piece, display it on his online portfolio, upload it to his ComicArtFans gallery and use it as portfolio work etc...

All images/characters are trademarked (TM) 2009 by the respective trademark and/or copyright holders.

All physical artwork is copyright Benito Gallego.

To contact Benito about a commission, or to inquire about his art, please visit the contact page.

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