Benito Gallego (born in Madrid, Spain) decided he loved comics at a tender age, even before he had already learnt to read. Probably that's the reason why even today he pays more attention to the illustrations than the texts when reading comics.

He's been drawing all his life and seems to can't stop doing it, every time and everywhere filling with his doodles any blank space in every piece of paper that fell in his hand. For a long time he collaborated providing comics and pin-ups for fanzines and publications in Spain while wasting his precious time for 5 years painting beautiful nude models in the Faculty of Fine Arts. And he continued drawing comics later while developing also a parallel career in advertising and graphic design that paid the bills for many years.

He began taking totally seriously his career in comics after meeting comic-book living legend Neal Adams in a convention in Madrid who looked at Benito's samples and couldn't but repeat "Why are you not working for Marvel?". The words were still echoing inside Benito's head when he contacted another living legend: Roy Thomas who helped him getting his first professional assignments working with him in his series ANTHEM and CAPTAIN THUNDER & BLUE BOLT.

Since then he's been working with other top talents in the comics medium like Brian Azzarello, Cary Bates, Paul Kupperberg or Sal Buscema. And with notable companies like DC, Marvel, Upper Deck, Heroic Publishing or A First Salvo.

Benito is currently working in Apama The Undiscovered Animal, a comic series based in concepts and characters from the movie Hero Tomorrow created by Milo Miller and Ted Sikora.

Benito lives in Alicante, in the East coast of Spain, with his wife Soraya and daughter Alona who are the most ferocious but also grateful critics of his work.
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